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We are passionate about art and culture. We are committed to culture and the promotion of emerging artists.

We promote cultural diversity by fostering spaces for connecting with art, training future generations in the values of art, and fostering emerging talent, in an effort to spread our enthusiasm for culture across the society.

At the PONS Foundation we are especially committed to emerging talent. We offer our headquarters as a stage for exhibitions or cultural activities to those artists who are looking for their first opportunity. But we also support established artists, providing them with a unique forum for direct contact with their audience.

In our cultural dissemination and promotion work, every year we undertake a comprehensive program of conferences related to culture and art, as well as various concert series. Likewise, we try to bring children closer to art by means of artistic expression workshops specially designed for them to learn the values of art through games.

In addition to the above, the Foundation promotes synergies between cultural activities and other areas of the PONS Group.