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The Foundation

We are the dream of building a better future together. We are the necessary drive to make it possible: A place where knowledge that actively promotes social development can be shared openly. Educating in values. With passion, dedication to service, and commitment.

At PONS Foundation, we chose to go one step further in the corporate social responsibility of the companies that make up the PONS Group, and we have focused our efforts since 2005 on raising awareness on the importance business innovation, R&D+i development, road safety, and the dissemination and defense of Intellectual Property matters have in achieving social progress, as well as on the responsible use of new technologies and the active promotion of the organizational culture based on talent.

After more than a decade of work, we continue at the PONS Foundation with the same enthusiasm as on the first day of its inception, facing the challenge of boosting talent, innovation, and the necessary tools to take on the social challenges posed by a constantly evolving reality.