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The Foundation

Twelve years ago I had the great satisfaction of being involved in the creation and foundation of the PONS Foundation. A foundation that channels the corporate social responsibility of the companies that make up the PONS Group and which is born with the firm purpose of giving back to society in the specific areas of knowledge in which the PONS group of companies has the endorsement and work experience of more than 75 years of field work.

More than a decade after the foundation was created, I can say that making this exciting project of the PONS family a reality has been and still is one of the most satisfying experiences of my professional life.

Today, the PONS Foundation is a place open to exchange and knowledge that actively promotes social development towards which we work with passion, vocation of service, commitment, and always true to the dream of contributing together to making a better future a reality.

At the PONS Foundation we continue to focus on raising awareness on the importance of business innovation, R&D+i development, the defense of intellectual property for the social and economic progress of our country to improve people's quality of life. But we also continue to promote an organizational culture based on talent and the responsible use of new technologies, and we actively work towards the prevention of traffic accidents.

Because there is no better time than now to make the future we dream about a reality, at the PONS Foundation we continue to work every day with the same enthusiasm as on the first day of its inception to make this dream a reality, facing the challenge of promoting talent, innovation, and the necessary tools to take on the social challenges posed by a constantly evolving society.

Warm regards,

María Jesús Magro Martínez

Managing Director